Discordgate is a major political scandal that occurred in the Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki in April 4, 2017, following former wiki leader and former bureaucrat Nkechinyer being blocked due to manipulation and bribing.


Brick's first demotion and the creation of the server

On March 24, then bureaucrat Brickcraft1 was requested to be demoted by the bureaucrats due to revealing confidential information to former bureaucrat and then chat moderator/rollback Nkechinyer. Eventually, it was revealed that Brick had not revealed any information to Nkech, and then he was restored as a bureaucrat. The following day, Nkech was deemed by the administration as "too aggressive" to retain rights and was then demoted.

It is estimated that during those events, Nkech created a Discord server as a hub for his friends - that server would be very important later in the history.

The second demotion and Nkech's block

On April 3, due to "potentially aggressive/offensive" behavior against Money Hurricane – another bureaucrat of the wiki – on the Hypothetical Tornadoes Wiki's Discord server, Brick was stripped of his administrator rights. When Brick was informed of his demotion, Nkech was then taking screenshots of the conversation in chat (he himself posted that in chat). While Brick eventually agreed to demote himself after the community voted, the admins discussed on the wiki's Discord server about Nkech taking screenshots of the whole argument.

Eventually, an admin of the wiki, AkioTheOne, posted in the server a conversation between him and Nkechinyer, who was potentially trying to bribe him into opposing Brick's demotion thread. As a result, the administration, in a 2-2-0 vote, decided to block Nkechinyer.

Initial cover-up and scandal escalates

Afterwards, bureaucrat StrawberryMaster later decided to contact Nkechinyer about his block, who in return, claimed it wasn't "reasonable". Nkech then revealed the screenshots would be used as evidence for a possible demotion of a user and that he was assisting in on his "secret Discord server". When asked if he was trying to overthrow eldest bureaucrat and wiki leader Hypercane, he said he had no comment. He would eventually argue with the admins about assumptions made about the scandal.

Once the argument quieted down, Nkech then said that another user had the idea to demote Hype, and not him. He then claims the secret Discord sever used to discuss the proposed demotion was not made with the intention to demote Hypercane, but yes, to be used as a "general hub" to stay in touch with other users, in which he refused to mention their usernames because it was "snitching". He also said he had no comment about the suspected manipulation and about the covered-up information.

Akio then showed up and claimed Nkech was attempting to overthrow Hype and was hoping for him to change his vote on Brick's demotion (which did not happen as the thread was eventually closed after Nkech was banned).

Closure of the thread

In response to Akio's statement, Nkech then stated that he was in fact persuading Akio, but not manipulating him. He then claims that there is no policy stating manipulating and persuading users isn't allowed. StrawberryMaster then replied to him, wondering why Nkech was still defending himself even though Hypercane previously stated in the thread that Nkech would not be unblocked. Nkech would then claim "he's not backing down" and that Force Thirteen was more his forté.

Eventually, after discussing it with the admins, StrawberryMaster decided to close the thread, saying that leaving the thread open would be "irresponsible" of him. Nkechinyer would eventually apologize to StrawberryMaster.

Nkech's block appeal

On April 21, 2017, Nkech would then ask Hypercane for his block to be shortened. Five days later, on April 26, after an admin meeting, a community consensus was held if Nkech should get his block shortened or be unblocked. Fourteen users voted in the thread, where only 2 users supported his unblock (those users were Leboringjack, one of Nkech's best friends and Chapsteck4yurlipis, who surprisingly considered Nkech as a friend back at the time). 4 users were neutral on it, while 8 users opposed it. Eventually, it was agreed that it was too early to unblock Nkech. Since then, Nkech's block is still in place.

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