The Spies of HHW is a mystery TV show starring Floyd (StrawberryMaster) and his wife Keranique (AGirlCalledKeranique), two spies who closely monitor Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki (HHW).


StrawberryMaster, known as Floyd or SM, is a spy that looks out around Wikia to make sure that wikis have proper enforcement of the Wikia Terms of Use. Having completing his duties with spying on numerous other wikis, he presses the random wiki button one September afternoon in 2015, finding himself on a wiki known as Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki (HHW). StrawberryMaster slowly climbs the user rights ladder of HHW, becoming a Junior Administrator by early October.

In January 2016, around the time StrawberryMaster becomes an administrator, he employs his wife, Keranique, to help him do his job. Keranique, new to Wikia, learns the duties of spying through her husband.

Both Floyd and Keranique like to lurk behind in the chat room of HHW for hours a day, often not saying anything at all.

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