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Graphiaball is a countryball that used to be a 3ball enslaved by Dominica until 1943, During WW2, it left Dominica during a civil war, formed it's own country and afterwards, they became allies.

How to draw

Draw Graphiaball is of simple:

  1. Draw a circle.
  2. Make a black triangle from the side.
  3. Add a white "Y" with a strike in it.
  4. Draw a red stripe at the top and orange at the bottom.
  5. Draw the eyes and you're finished.



  • Odileball - Helped fight Mexico in The Great War of 2015.
  • Carolinia - Best buddies. They fought together, protested together, and survived together. They are next to each other on the map and when they die, they want to die with each other.
  • USA - During the 1989 war against each other, USAball and Graphiaball signed a peace treaty written by Canada to make sure the annoying war stopped. Afterwards they became allies.


  • Russia - Awfully nice, but once we got in a fight but we are over it.