HHW Song Contest October 2016
Love and Peace
Final September 15, 2016
Venue Passion Fruit Stadium, Konnichiwa, Strawberry Peninsula
Presenter(s) Zug
Director En Brotze
Executive supervisor Chris
Host broadcaster Tele-STPN
Opening act Final: "Loin d'Ici" by ZOË
Interval act Final: "All Across Japaya" by Sergey Lazarev
Number of entries 6
Debuting countries Nuno City,
Withdrawing countries Layten Peninsula
Voting system 2 points to the favorite entry, 1 point to second favourite entry
Winning song Nuno City
HHW Song Contest
October 2016

The October 2016 HHWvision Song Contest was the third HHW Song Contest, with Jack City, Strawberry Peninsula, Nekaro City, Nuno City, Keraniqueville, and Odile Plains participating.


Jack City

Jack City returned to the contest with "唉呀!" by 蔡依林. This is the first time a Chinese language performance was entered into the contest.

Strawberry Peninsula

Strawberry Peninsula entered the contest with the song "Fly" by Ira Losco.

Nekaro City

Nekaro City entered the song "Lock the Pain Away" by Christina Moresby, a well-known pop star in Nekaro City.

Nuno City

Nuno City debuted with the song "Aqui vamos nós!" sung by Carlos Nóbrega, the first Portuguese entry in the contest.


Keraniqueville debuted with "Feel The Energy!" by Alan Ritchson.

Odile Plains

Following a second place success, Odile Plains re-entered Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri with "Escucha."


  • Layten Peninsula wished to participate in the contest, but had to withdraw due to costs.

The Votes

  • 2 points from Jack City go to Nuno City. 1 point from Jack City goes to Strawberry Peninsula.
  • 2 points from Strawberry Peninsula go to Keraniqueville. 1 point from Strawberry Peninsula goes to Nekaro City.
  • 2 points from Nuno City go to Odile Plains. 1 point from Nuno City goes to Jack City.
  • 2 points from Keraniqueville go to Nekaro City. 1 point from Keraniqueville goes to Strawberry Peninsula.
  • 2 points from Nekaro City go to Jack City. 1 point from Nekaro City goes to Nuno City.
  • 2 points from Odile Plains go to Nuno City. 1 point from Odile Plains goes to Strawberry Peninsula.
Country 2 points 1 point
Jack City Nuno City Strawberry Peninsula
Nuno City Odile Plains Jack City
Strawberry Peninsula Keraniqueville Nekaro City
Keraniqueville Nekaro City Strawberry Peninsula
Nekaro City Jack City Nuno City
Odile Plains Nuno City Strawberry Peninsula

In first place is Nuno City, who have won the contest.

In second place is the host country, Strawberry Peninsula.

Third place is Nekaro City.

In fourth is Jack City.

In fifth we have Keraniqueville.

And in last, but not least, place is Odile Plains.