From September 26 to 28, 2015, a presidential election was held in Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki. A deep divide developed between the interests of many HHW users, resulting in the formation of two political parties, the Revolutionary Party and Continuum Party. The Revolutionary Party had a harsh stance on underage users; the Continuum Party, in contrast, was not opposed to underage users on HHW. 

Revolutionary Party

  • Nominee: HurricaneMonster of Kentucky

Other Candidates:

  • Emmaelise401 (did not withdraw or earn nomination)

As early as September 10, HurricaneMonster, a new HHW user from Kentucky, had expressed interest in eliminating HHW of underage users, because their actions violated COPPA.  On September 25, Hurricane news, a then-bureaucrat of the wiki, kicked HurricaneOdile for retiring the name Douglas in a season. In response, HurricaneMonster expanded his campaign to become a bureaucrat and president of Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki.  

Continuum Party

  • Nominee: PuffleXTREME of Alabama

Other Candidates:

  • Hurricane news (Conceded the nomination to PuffleXTREME)
  • SpcardozoComesBack (Chose to be a running mate for Hurricane news, later withdrew)
  • Hurricane162 (withdrew on September 29, 2015)

Hurricane news' decision to kick HurricaneOdile and argue with HurricaneMonster significantly hurt his chances in the general election, and he conceded the nomination to PuffleXTREME on September 27. 


CycloneRyne94 ran in the election as an independent.

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