King Dane I's most cringy photo, taken at April 29, 2016.

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King Dane I, also known as Nkechinyer, Nkech or Dane, and sometimes referred to as commie china, was some random background decoration that on September 29, took control of the Drama Wiki, also known as "HHW". He decided to make the wiki a new North Korea, although he only secretly wanted SM's cookies. He, along with his mistress, Emma (or Michelle. or Bayonetta. or Michelle. or Emma. wat) were obsessed with "Douglas", also known as the guy who thought of PuffleDisappears as his homie. He was pranked in another of Nkechinyer's "totally not stupid" social experiments."

Nkechinyer liked to be rude to several people, probably because his YouTube drama covering channel was shut down by the rat-gnome and :P zure. He also proclaimed himself as "god" and "the wiki hero", but we all know he was high on mints that time and he was lying.  

“ King Dane I was the greatest king of Ancient HHW. “Erinnekaro, while drunk on eggnog and presenting you with a copy of 'Ancient # :P zureAlert for Dummies'.



  • Floyd, because cookies = <3.