Nkechinyer's Theories is a mystery TV show starring CycloneNkechinyer. It discussed various different mysteries on Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki. It premiered on April 5, 2016, and aired two episodes.

Episode Structure

Nkechinyer's Theories episodes began with a segment called "Red Flags" in which CycloneNkechinyer first analyzes the evidence. After a commercial break comes the second part of the episode, "Nkechinyer Thinks," where CycloneNkechinyer states his theory.

List of Episodes

The show began production on April 5, 2016. Two episodes of the series aired. The series was cancelled on April 19, 2016.

Season 1

Episode Airdate Title Summary
1 April 5, 2016 "Theory Behind the TR-LL Sockpuppets" CycloneNkechinyer discusses his theory about the TR-LL sockpuppets, and a possible link to another HHW user.
2 April 12, 2016 "Is Puffle Hiding something?" CycloneNkechinyer analyzes the evidence that PuffleXTREME, a former HHW bureaucrat that claimed to be 20 years old, may have actually been an underage user.