"Every night...for reasons not exactly known...StrawberryMaster has to leave HHW at 6:00 PM PDT, which is a very early time to go to bed...what does he do? This show has the answer!"


Feel free to add any episodes, just please stay appropriate and don't have anything too weird...

StrawberryMaster's Nightly Dissipation is a comedy TV show that follows Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki (HHW) user StrawberryMaster after he leaves HHW at night. It airs weeknights at 9:00 PM EDT and weekends at 10:00 PM EDT.

The series was created by Bobnekaro, and is written by numerous HHW users including Bobnekaro, AGirlCalledKeranique and Sassmaster15. It premiered on September 15, 2015.


StrawberryMaster is a user (later an administrator) of Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki that is known to disappear in the early evening. For reasons not exactly known, he leaves HHW usually between 9:00 PM and 10:00 PM EDT, which is between 6:00 PM and 7:00 PM PDT (StrawberryMaster's time zone). After he leaves HHW, he goes out of the house and starts doing random things...some things that are quite odd and entertaining.

Episode list

Season 1

Episode Airdate Title Summary Written by Viewers (millions)
1 September 15, 2015 "Pilot" StrawberryMaster is a 20-year-old user that has recently discovered Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki. After his first day in HHW chat, he goes to a local airport to test his airplane flying ability, and nearly crashes the plane. StawberryMaster is unhurt, though. Bobnekaro 11.5
2 September 16, 2015 "Chat Moderator" Douglas (AKA Hurricane news) promotes StrawberryMaster to chat moderator on HHW, so StrawberryMaster believes he has become a chat moderator across the world. He walks around the city of Las Vegas, telling people to not use profanity and remain appropriate with their conversations. Bobnekaro 9.4
3 September 17, 2015 "Perfect Storm" StrawberryMaster hears the song of "Perfect Storm" and begins chatting it in the lyrics. Eventually, when he leaves the chatroom, he goes out, just as the perfect storm is literally forming, a large dust storm that is like a hurricane and other things combined. They tell him to stop singing, but he has to get to the end of the song for the storm to go away. Eventually, it does. Keranique 13.2
4 September 18, 2015 "PLS" Chat moderator StrawberryMaster once again returns to the streets of Las Vegas, yelling "PLS" to every person he sees that violates the rules. Meanwhile, he gives them a copy of the Las Vegas city laws. Bobnekaro 11.7
5 September 19, 2015 "Night Out" On a Saturday night, StrawberryMaster heads out to a McDonald's, and orders a 40 piece Chicken McNugget meal. It only costs him $10. He develops a stomachache, and vomits, but turns out okay. Bobnekaro 13.4
6 September 20, 2015 "Inked" StrawberryMaster, obsessed with the concept of neutrality, goes to a local tattoo parlor in downtown Las Vegas and asks the artist to draw a neutral vote symbol on his right arm, like the one seen on Wikia. The artist draws the tattoo, and SM is very happy about it. Bobnekaro 14.1
7 September 21, 2015 "Beauty Sleep" StrawberryMaster is very tired after a day of HHW, so he slowly dazes off while doing HHW. He is fully asleep by 6:30 PM PDT. Bobnekaro 8.6
8 September 22, 2015 "Commie China 1" StrawberryMaster takes a vacation to Urumqi, China. He didn't like it and left, arriving back in Las Vegas the next day. The whole plane ride he chanted 'Commie China.' Leboringjack 4.9
9 September 23, 2015 "Perfect Typhoon" StrawberryMaster goes into vacation to the Philippines with a special friend (Keranique). They eventually get hit by Super Typhoon Jsky, one of the strongest storm ever recorded, and they randomly start singing the lyrics of "Perfect Storm", only replacing 'storm' with 'typhoon'. As the storm moves away from the Philippines, both head into their homes. StrawberryMaster (with help from Nkechinyer!) 9.5
10 September 24, 2015 "The Spam War" StrawberryMaster, along with the help of his "Special Friend" Keranique, launches an effort to remove spam from all grocery stores. He starts a boycott of all spam products, and nobody follows him except for Keranique. Bobnekaro 7.6
11 September 25, 2015 "Boats" StrawberryMaster decides to travel on a boat with HHW users! The only problem is that nobody knows where a lake is! So they spend lots of time chanting "Boaty McBoatFace" and trying to look around for water, until they finally found a drop of water on the road. They magically ski across the water causing it to drive super fast and go down a waterslide into a big giant lake called HHW Lake, and everyone lives happily ever after. AGirlCalledKeranique 18.8
12 September 26, 2015 "Silly Rollback" StrawberryMaster is promoted to rollback by HHW. He then does his first rollback on a vandalised page. He enjoys it so much, when he dissipates, he goes into the city, and looks for graffiti. He finds a vandalised wall, and tries to use his mind to rollback the graffiti. It doesnt work, which triggers StrawberryMaster. He goes back home triggered Brickcraft1 20.4
13 September 27, 2015 "Purple" StrawberryMaster goes out into Las Vegas at night and forces everyone to wear purple shirts. He also paints every building he sees purple. When someone tries to take the purple shirt off, he uses his "rollback" powers to undo the change. Bobnekaro 16.5
14 September 28, 2015 "Level 1 Girl" On HHW, Bobnekaro is constantly taking about L1G, and how much he wants to be with her. What Bob doesn't know is that SM and L1G are secretly going out! After SM leaves chat, SM flies to L1G's house with his magic wings and talks about ways to betray Bob. We soon discover they plan to get married and then throw Bob in a dumpster and lock the lid! Chapsteck4yurlipis 19.1
15 September 29, 2015 "Mission" After Douglas gets banned from HHW, StrawberryMaster feels a sense of change and loneliness. Determined to not be lonely, he attempts to get Douglas back onto the wiki by going to everyone's house and try to persuade them to unban Douglas after he dissipates. It ends up not working, so then he goes home and attempts to rollback his ban, and then eventually attempts to rollback time. It somehow magically works but he gets trapped into an alternate dimension. AkioTheOne 19.7
16 September 30, 2015 "A Hypothetical World" After rollbacking time into an alternate dimension, StrawberryMaster explores the region, learning the rule of Douglas and the uprising of cookie children. He then learns that he can escape by passing a test, which all the answers were kek. He ends up passing and is able to return, but he tries to enforce his knowledge onto HHW. When this does not work, he logs off, becoming very triggered. He then decides to write down his new knowledge in his new book, which he called "StrawberryMaster's Rulebook" and it becomes the most popular book of the year... in the alternate dimension. However he still remains satisfied. AkioTheOne 22.5
17 October 1, 2015 "Junior" StrawberryMaster realizes that while he was "away" he was promoted to a Junior Administrator on HHW. He attempts to get into an Administrator Meeting by saying that he was, according to his rulebook, an Administrator, but the HHW Administration refuses to allow him in. After dissipating, he wants to prove that he is not a "Junior". So he buys a pair of stilts and tries to walk with them. He ends up falling and nearly breaking his leg, but he luckily remains unhurt. AkioTheOne 12.1

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