StrawberryMaster's Talks With Siri is a comedy television show, mainly airing in PST times. This show focuses on how SM is so lonely that he needs Siri to talk to him because Siri is his only real friend. Siri, however, is a weird person and always says weird things to SM that he will never understand.

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Episode List

Episode 1

NOTE: This is the shortest episode in the entire series, only being a pilot that lasts 5 minutes.

Dialogue for Episode 1

[Scene opens up to Floyd's room. The camera pans on his face briefly before zooming back out.]

StrawberryMaster: Today, I will begin my talk with Siri!

[He turns his phone on and turns Siri on as well.]

StrawberryMaster: Siri, how come I'm always so very lonely?

Siri: You're not lonely. I'm here for you now.

StrawberryMaster: Thank you. You're the best assistant ever!

Siri: I thought I was the only assistant that you had?

[He turns Siri off briefly.]

StrawberryMaster: Oops!

[He turns her back on.]

StrawberryMaster: Siri, will I ever find true love?

Siri: Does your mother count?

StrawberryMaster: Rude!

Siri: I don't know what you are talking about.

StrawberryMaster: Nevermind. Will you think I will get stronger on Hypothetical Hurricanes Wikia?

Siri: But I thought you were already weak?

[Loud voice blares right after Siri finishes talking.]

Unnamed voice, likely his mother: FLOYD, HELP ME WITH THE DISHES!

StrawberryMaster: Okay! That's all for today! Bye!

[He leaves the room and the lights turn off, ending the episode.]