HHW parliament:
#1E90FF - Council of Freedom: 37 seats
#D3D3D3 - Neutral: 5 seats
#FFFF00 - Independent: 10 seats
#8A2BE2 - Hairspray: 1 seat
#CC1002 - Revolutionary: 2 seats
#2F4F4F - Continuum: 1 seat
#AD1459 - TEA: 1 seat

The TEA Party, also known as the Terrifically Excited Animals or Good job, tally ho Party, is a HHW political party.


The TEA Party was founded by LeBoringJack after returning from his more than a month-long 'vacation' to Siberia. He was inspired by tea. Because he loves tea. Specifically, tea with a 1:1 ratio of Milk to Water, with one teabag, stirred in with 3-5 sugar lumps. Mmm.