“ Edit-Farming is Good. Spamming is Good. SM pls. “— The party's official slogan.

The Edit-Farmers Union


August 6, 2016
Money Hurricane, SnaggyFTW, Bobnekaro, Azure the Serval and AGirlCalledKeranique.
Former Members
StrawberryMaster (resigned) and NunoLava1998 (blocked from HHW).

The Edit-Farmers Union is a self-titled union/non-official political party of the Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki (HHW). It was founded on August 6, 2016, by Money Hurricane, and was co-founded by Sassmaster15, and SnaggyFTW. It currently has few members; two of the founders, Bobnekaro, and Azure the Serval (formerly known as AzureAzulCrash) and AGirlCalledKeranique. The party was once a great power in HHW during 2016, but after several members of the party left the wiki in early 2017, the union slowly waned, and by 2018, it was practically abandoned as wiki parties generally fell out of favor with the HHW community.

StrawberryMaster resigned from the Union hours after joining (where he states he joined ironically), followed by NunoLava1998, who was blocked from Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki, automatically removing him from the EFU. Sassmaster15 briefly left the union when he retired from Wikia (now known as FANDOM), but returned to HHW about two weeks later. Later, the users DarrenDude, and Sassmaster15, went on to found their own parties, until Darren's was terminated when he joined Sass's party. Brickcraft1 originally left to join Darren's party, but once that was terminated, he started his own party, the Truth and Justice Union, which was later abandoned and then replaced by the Conservative Party.

The party currently has 5 seats as of December 30, 2016.[needs confirmation]


Common beliefs of The Edit-Farmers Union are:

  • That edit farming is legal.
  • That spamming in chat is legal, and should not result in a penalty; only should a penalty occur if what the user is spamming is inappropriate.