The Hairspray Party of Hypothetical Hurricanes is a current political party led by AGirlCalledKeranique, or known as Keranique. It was founded somewhere in early March, and is currently ongoing.

It was founded by AGirlCalledKeranique herself; it has a couple of few moderate supporters due to the usual neutrality of the party; however it can support or oppose during any situation. Currently, the Hairspray Party is minimal and small; the only main person running the party is AGirlCalledKeranique.


All beliefs of the Hairspray Party is below.

  • Love Hairspray
  • Stay Neutral on MOST things
  • Love Cookies
  • New Chances
  • Medium Amount of Staff
  • Looking into situation instead of direct action
  • Pranks, but not too far


Add yourself to the list below and your status! (Can be running mate, delegate, etc)

  • AGirlCalledKeranique - Founder of Hairspray Party, current president of party