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  • I live in the Milky Way Galaxy
  • I was born on June 6
  • My occupation is be a narwhal
  • I am Male, as it seems. :P
  • Bio Avid developer and cookie connoisseur.
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  • StrawberryMaster

    Sit down. Let's talk.

    As you may have noticed (if you are on the HHW Discord server), Layten and I have been getting in a ton of drama recently, and I'm here to explain what happened and defend myself from some statements you'll see below.

    It was August 8, 2017. Basically, there is a rule on HHW that memes to go a channel on the HHW Discord chat (which I'll refer from now on as HHWD) called "#spam-in-general". Some users violated the rule hours ago, and I posted in chat a reminder about it. However, Layten went ahead and posted a meme in there. I told Layten to stop, but he didn't.

    He kept saying I was "bossing him around" and even said "clearly no one cares about your memes rule, or can't you see that?". I gave him a warning, and he kept say…

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  • StrawberryMaster

    Don't worry, I'll update this blog as soon as possible. :P

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